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LPN vs. MA

I see there's a "tug-of-war" between becoming a LPN or MA. You research both, then make your decision from there, but I will share this, I currently work for the Dept. of Public Health(Philadelphia, PA) LPN's and CNA's have been phased out! I work side by side with 1 LPN, 3 MA's, 3 RN's, and 7 Nurse Practioners. I have 2 nursing supervisors(RN's) who ask me questions about lab test and special supplies for labs. I'm in charge of 3 departments Gyn, Prenatal, and Geriatrics. I was appointed the contact person for all Pharmaceutical Reps who visit our facility when the Clinical Director(a MD) is unavailable. I was activated by the Health Commissioner and my Director of Nursing to work "Project Brotherly Love" with the Katrina victims. I also appeared in "Advance magazine for LPN's to stop the usage of CMA(Certified Medication Assistant) for CNA's, and my latest accomplishment was last week as the guest speaker of the 45th graduating class of Thompson Institute where there were over 75 Medical Assistant Grads! I was a former Medical Assistant Instructor at Thompson for 5 years and now I have 3 former students that are currently Instructors at the same school!!! For this, I am quite proud to be a Medical Assistant and I still serve on The Advisory Board of the school since 1994. So as you can see, you have to put something in to the profession to get something out of it! Good Luck

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Re: LPN vs. MA

Thank you for this great post. I read it with great interest and am very impressed. It's been quite an interesting journey for you. For all who don't know... Cynthia has also been one of the very first people to get involved in my medical assistant web site "efforts". She's been "around" since my most humble beginnings when the "Advanced Medical Assistant" web site was just starting out.

Hmmm... let me see, that would have been since early 2001. She's always been loyal to this this site and the medical assistant group... Way to go Cynthia.

I agree with you. Like with any career, you get out of it what you put in. And as far as LPN vs. MA, I'd say either go for the MA training ad put your heart into what you love, or go for the RN (and do the same). I would skip the LPN.



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