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300 pound MA

too big to work in a busy office?

Re: 300 pound MA

Not if they can handle moving, lifting, and being on their feet for 8 hours.

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Re: 300 pound MA

I agree with the previous poster. A lot of medical assistants do clerical work it just depends what someone wants to do.

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Re: 300 pound MA

Was seen at the family physician's office today. There was a new MA and she was the most professional and friendly of all I have seen in that particular office. Name tag, clean scrubs, friendly smile, professional demeanor, caring attitude... and most of all the FIRST ONE in a long time whose first words were: "Hi, my name is Kim and I am your medical assistant!" That just blew me away because THAT was my own biggest pet peeve for my own students. I drilled that in their heads like there was no tomorrow.

And guess what, she must have been at least 250 pounds!!!! No problem. She got the job done and I told the doctor how impressed I was!!!!

So, go for it. And if your weight really bothers you, then here is a (free) tip (smile). Pack only a very small snack and during the break walk around the building a few times. That was a BIG thing during my time as a student.

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Re: 300 pound MA

300 pd ma could and would be a problem where I work..
the halls and rooms are narrow and we have to be able to squeeze between an exam table/wall and some times the family members that are in the room. not to mention if there is an emergency.

It also depends on the '300 lb" the 300 pd person 5'2 or 6'2...this will make a difference.

I did have a pt came in who happen to be an ma on her extern and she was interested in working with us,but her backside and abdomen was so big and she was so obese that there would be no way that we would be able to maneuver around her. I told her to check with the front office for openings.

I hope this does not sound harse, but we do consider these things when looking for an employee.

l.lopez lpn

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