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Contemplating career switch

I've been working in the medical field as a transcriptionst the past 2 years, and although I'm blessed to be working out of my home, I often dream of doing something else like med. assisting. I hate sitting on my derriere 6 hours a daily, and the work can be pretty monotnous. I was thinking of doing medical assisting full time and transcribing part time. What do you think?

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Re: Contemplating career switch

Sounds great!

RARELY do I point out the medical assisting refresher course I run through I just hate the thought you might think I am biased pushing my own products. But everybody here knows my extensive work on the net and everybody knows how serious I am about this.

Therefore, if you want to know if the medical assisting career is for you and learn some of the most fundamental things I recommend you sign up for the Medical Assisting: Fundamentals of Patient Care online course on It's affordable and quite thorough! Also, it's selfpaced. Oh, and before I foget... I am the instructor. You can find a link here:


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Re: Contemplating career switch

You should go for it. I always wondered how people could do transcriptions. I would fall asleep. I am cross trained and I despise even filing! UGH boring. I'll trade filing for a bratty kid needing five shots anyday!