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ma licensure

I am a lpn that was previously a medical assistant. I beleive the reason behind ma's not getting licensure is because the 'american association of medical assistants" lobbys against it. The AAMA would lose thousands if not hundreds of thousands of medical assistants membership fees/dues etc. The AAMA would have to turn over control to the state board to regulate exams,licensure essense the AAMA would stand to lose their income. I am not saying the AAMA is a bad the contrary. I think they are a great orginzation but they cannot enforce that every person out there that calls themselves a medical assistant is qualified...only a state licening board could do this. A state licensing board would require a set minimum standard for all schools to teach (how many hours of theory, clinical and what subjects are taught). Currently there are ma schools through community and techincal schools that are accredited, but there are hundreds of "get your medical assistant diploma in 6 months" schools that are out there. Because this profession is not regulated by the state, there is not a 'standard' of knowledge that all ma's are required to have/know. I believe that licensing ma's would weed out the ma's who are practicing substandard care and would elevate the perception of ma's as professionals. I am not sure what ma's can do in order to get licensed when the AAMA which is the 'official' orgination for them has lobbied against it..
l.lopez lpn

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Re: ma licensure

Good point Lori, I just sent an e-mail to them (AAMA) for an explanation on this matter.

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Re: ma licensure

I agree,it was an very interesting point. But don't count on the AAMA answering you,at least not in agreement of that theory. I have written them a few times in the past and never got a response. If they answer you,let us know.
Another thing-my class was told that LPNs would become obsolete in the next 5 years,and MAs would take over. I never believed it,and this poster's thread and her other post about being an LPN in a office as opposed to being a MA kinda confirms my suspicions.

Re: ma licensure

I was thinking exactly the same thing. I was contemplating sending Mr. Donald Balasa of the AAMA a friendly email. LOL.

Lori made a VERY interesting point which truly NEVER occured to me. It's worth a closer look because it does not sound very far-fetched. I'd truly be interested to hear from AAMA.

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Re: ma licensure

I was told the exact same thing, that LPN's were being "phased" out. Hospitals wouldn't hire them and they would wind up doing elder care in nursing homes.
Nothing wrong with that, but if you saw the people's expression you'd think it was the low end jobs and dirty work.

My advice:
Anybody interested in becoming a LPN/LVN should make every effort to find out the facts (and post what they found out).

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