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The Medical Assistant and I. V. Applications (varies by State)

Hello Everyone!
I would like to know if there are any Missouri medical assistants in this forum? Also does anyone know where one can be trained in I.V.? My employer wants me to learn to start and discontinue an I.V. for patients of our medical office where they might be transported from and to our hospital.

Any information you can give is appreicated.

I love this site Danni and think you are wonderful for providing so much to all of us!

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Re: The Medical Assistant and I. V. Applications (varies by State)

My pleasure!!!

I hope you will soon hear from someone in Missouri. It is always good to network with your peers, especially if you're from the same area.

Rules and regulations, unfortunately, can differ from state to state. The best way, with the Internet, is to find reliable resources online. For example because medical assistants must work under the supervision of licenced health care providers, the state's medical examiner's boars often post helpful information that pertains to medical assistants.

Until you hear from others try to find some answers here:


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Re: The Medical Assistant and I. V. Applications (varies by State)

There are many companies out there and even hospitals offer training.

I think anyone who is going to be able to do an iv needs to be knowledgeable in what they are doing.
I found a school that has a 2 day class and certification. They allow ma's to take the class with a letter from the doctor, stating you will be working under his license. Yes, it is a little costly, but the certification and knowledge you gain is vital.

l.lopez lpn

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Re: The Medical Assistant and I. V. Applications (varies by State)

Hi Lori. Thanks for the information. I checked out the Medtexx site, unfortunately it is not offered in Missouri yet. I will check with out local hospitals.

Thanks Again,

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