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I really don't know if medical assisting or working in the medical field is for me at all. I know it's not a good reason at all but the reason I went to school was because I didn't know what I wanted to do or be really. And my family was pushing me to do this medical field thing cause everyone else was. Jobs are everywhere in the medical field and in medical assisting. But now I just want to give up. I don't like it at all and I don't know if this is for me. I'm on my second externship and I had my first day and I just can't see myself working in an office and doing that for awhile. I did have a previous externship at a chiropractors office and I hated it there as well. I was only there for a week and they could tell I didn't like it. I mean I can't even fake being happy and liking what I'm doing cause I don't. I know other people can tell as well. You know I really like animals and have been thinking for awhile maybe I should find something with animals. But what can medical assistants do working with animals. I don't won't to be a vet tech and I don't won't to go back to school. Maybe a vet assistant would work? Does anyone know if I can do my externship like at a vet clinic or something with animals. I really hate quiting on the first day of my externship but I know deep down in my heart I can't continue to fake the fact that I just don't like it. Any solutions anyone can give me. Should I quit medical assisting before I even really start or stick it out and stay.


I say if you are not happy then don't this job. Even if everyone else wants you to be in the medical field, follow your heart! You know better than anyone else what is right for you. If I did what others wanted me to do I would not be happy, its your life and your career. As far and working in a vet's office, call around and find out if you can go talk to them about what they need. I hope this helps you. As far a leaving on your first day of an externship, don't worry about it!

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Twin, my best advice is that at this point you pull through. Do not quit this late in the game throw away what you have accomplished. Somehow, get it together, be a true profesional, show some true grit, and pull it off (the externship!). Otherwise you have spent all this time for nothing and you will always feel like, and perhaps even labeled as a weak person, or quitter.

Even, or especially when, it comes to animals, people want serious people who can hadle them. Animals are to most like an extension of their family. I own horses, and trust me, nobody will ride or touch my horse if I know they are weak and give up.

Finish your externship and get at least your diploma. You don't have to, if you don't want, sit for the certification exam, even though this is really what proves that you are serious and know your stuff.

Then, once you have earned your diploma, you will feel proud and have something to show. Only this way will you convince an animal clinic, vet, or animal shelter that you are worth a chance.

Employers NEVER hire quitters. The job market is competitive, and there are enough applicants to choose from. Your medical assisting diploma may very well be your ticket to a front desk job at the animal clinic, and a chance to be trained in the back helping with procedures and care of the animals.

Danni R.

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I agree with Danni. At least finish the program. You could always do front office, billing, or something else non patient related.

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I say if you want to quit just quit. You should love what you do and want to get up each morning and do that job. So follow your heart, dreams, and your goals and go out there and make it happen.


Quitting is not always the answer. Most employers do not like the idea that they are taking a chance on someone who tends to just walk out (and quit!).

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