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MA hired part time

Right now I am a SAHM but I would like to go back to work. I have always been interested in being a medical assistant. I even started the program at a technical college about 12 years ago but was in a car accident and had to drop out. My problem is this, are medical assistants also hired on a part time bases. I am concerned about summers. I have a 13 and almost 10 year old and I don't want them home alone for 9 hours a day mon-friday during the summer. MY daughter who will be going to high school next year is to old for a babysitter so I am not sure what to do. I was thinking maybe I should just forget about being an MA and work on my office skills ( typing) and work for a temp agency. I have been a SAHM for 6 yrs so this is a big decision for myself and my family. The kids aren't too happy that I am thinking about going back to work.

thanks for any help


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Re: MA hired part time

We have one medical assistant here in this forum who solved this probelem very simply . She works in the school nurse's office. When the school's closed and the kids stay home, she's home, too.

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Re: MA hired part time


I am a MA, I work in the public school system. I get holidays off and summers off. A full time position is 32.5 hours a week with benefits. There is NO OVERTIME, NO VACATION TIME. You are alotted personal time and sick time only. You are required to be CERTIFICATION: Epipen Admin., CPR, Difib, Basic First Aide. It is mandatory to attend Mtgs held by school officials. Don't be fooled, it is hard work. I love it but like every other job you need to consider if you like children, paperwork (lots of it)and mtgs and certification are kept current.

Partime jobs are availabe at other clinics and hospitals, I am not aware of summers off though. Have you try a temp agency? Sometime hospitals will hire through temp agency too. Give that a try.

Hope this helps.

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Re: MA hired part time

Can any Medical Assistant PLEASE help me?

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