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Need your advice

I have job offering from both family practice and cardiology. I have experience in famiy practice
and i love doing blood draw. I was told that in Cardio clinic MA's don't do the blood draw or give injections its only patient care and performing ecg.
I need some advice on should i go for cardio or family practice! Which is the best field for learning experience?

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Re: Need your advice

My opinion is that with specialties you get so versed in that field that you can lose some of your other knowledge since it is not used- (if you don't use it you lose it). I tend to like FP because you tend to get a bit of everything. Pediatric, geriatric, ortho, OB, cardio, minor sugery etc..
I say go with your gut. Good luck!

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Re: Need your advice

I have to agree with Tracy - You don't use it you lose it- I would prefer to do FP as there is more of a variety of tasks and people. Just my opinion. Good luck!!

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Re: Need your advice

Thank you so much for your advice, appreciate it.
I fully agree with you guys, i will go ahead with FP.

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Re: Need your advice

Or one can use another criteria:

Which job is the closest to my home?
Which job pays more (raises?)
Which job has better work hours?
Which job is less stressful (less frustrating)?
Which job has the most support on their team?
Which job has the friendlier doctor?
Which job has the most modern practice and equipment?
Which job lets me work both front and back office?

Some medical assistants don't like drawing blood. Others don't like giving injections to screaming kids.
Others don't like the morning and evening commute.

It's not so much what skills will I lose, but where do I feel happiest. I and hundreds of other medical assistants can say they never forgot a skill once learned.

The trick is knowing how to stay current via continuing education and workshops and, last but not least, how to refresh your memory (review) and then go ahead and do it under the supervision of the doctor or colleague (if in doubt). I personally disagree with the "don't use it, lose it" theory.