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Skills lists and/or competencies

I live in Oregon & have started as an RN supervisor at a clinic with nurse practioners who see their own patients and do urgent care. My role is a new one...a primary focus is to assess competency and plan education for the MAs. Does anyone have any great skills lists and/or competencies that they would be willing to share? Or help direct me to a place(s) where I can get this information. I'm trying to be efficient with my time and would rather not re-create a wheel that's already been invented. TIA! Deb

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Re: Skills lists and/or competencies

Go to the AAMA website. There you can find a skills list that is broken down into both admin. and clinical skills. You should also check with your state board of nursing as well. If you have NP's delegating to MA's, the procedures that the MA can do are limited. It's weird but under most nurse practice acts a MA can not give meds ( PO, IM, Sq, ID or IV, Pt Ed. ect.) but if it is delegated via a MD/DO they can. I hope this helps!!

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