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my mother/medical assisting

My mother just started her second quarter at career tech. she loves it. I would like to know will it be hard for her to find a job in Louisiana becasue that would be a huge blow to her self esteme. Also what is the pay like and what type of jobs would she be able to allpy for. And yes she is planning to become certified. Im very proud of her, he rGPA was a 3.5 for her first quarter, and she scored very high on the exame that applicatnts must take to be admitted into the program. so can you help me?

Re: my mother/medical assisting

Don't mean to sound harsh, but I think she should have found out all this information BEFORE she spent time and money in a career that may or may not take her anywhere. Sounds like she is a smart cookie with a 3.5 average, she can get on the net and do the research herself. BTW, why are you doing her homework for her?

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Re: my mother/medical assisting

she's not really worried about it. But like i said i don't want her to have wasted all this time and money on something she may not be able to use. I really wanted her to go ahead and go for LPN because i see a lot of openings for those.

Re: my mother/medical assisting

You are right in your last line. In some areas,finding an available MA position is not easy. But there are countless LPN offers.
You asked how hard will it be to find a job in this field. It depends on her personality. If she is enthusiastic,gung ho, and a people person (meaning not shy) with confident skills,there shouldn't be a big problem. Just having a lot of class-learned skills with little experience isn't enough. Same goes for getting good grades. What counts is attitude.
The pay and types of jobs she can get are questions she should be getting answers to in her school.

Re: my mother/medical assisting

So I guess we students that are attending classes every day and applying our selves to the max are just wasting our time and energy studying to become an MA?

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