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I am finally done

Good afternoon everyone, it has been a very long time since I have been on here. I just graduated in December 2006 in MA. I am not certified yet, because there is a lond wait list to even take the test here in MN. I was wondering if anyone went back to school right away after completing your MA training. I want to enjoy working as a MA but also feel I should get started back to school. I am already 24 and it is going to take a while to complete. Anyone else in the same boat?

Your Professional Title/Credentials: MA

Are You Still In School? Nursing School

Are You Working? No

Re: I am finally done

i'm in the same boat..well sort of

i am 18 (19 on the 15th), have a 16 month old and i finish my MA training April 20. I want to go back for nursing either LPN or RN, if do i would need to get started on prerequistes now but I do want to work as an MA the only drawback is that there is so many evening classes for MA training and all nursing schools near me are during the day...i got to school 5:30pm-10pm but it would be hard with nursing school being 9am-5pm some days and like 6:40am-4pm other days...confused

Are You Still In School? yes I start my externship March 12!!!

Are You Working? NO

Re: I am finally done

I worked as an MA for 12 years before going back for my RN. I have such a good base of medical knowledge from experience, it has helped tremendously in nursing school.

Your Professional Title/Credentials: CNA/RMA/LPN

Are You Still In School? yes

Are You Working? yes