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How Did you get started

Hi, I will be gratuating from CTC close to the end of the year. I wanted to know how you got started in the CMA profession seeing as though most jobs require experience. I have been a private house cleaner for 20 years, I have a good G.P.A. and im sure I can get good recomadations from my teachers.

Re: How Did you get started

I Just recenlty graduated school with zero exp. in the medical field,I at first let this bother me even when it came to interviews. But I walked with pride and belived in myself and felt confident in myself with what I had learned in school. If you don't belive in yourself know one else will.With this being said I brushed up on my Interview skills, and dressed professionally and walked in the interview with my head held high even though all I had was my Internship exp. Remember that you are not the only one applying for that one position so are several others so you must stand out from others and sell yourself, and I truly belive confidence is the key, Especially for us Newbies to the medical feild!So I wish you the best, and take what you have learned in school and run with it!

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Re: How Did you get started

I hope I can find a job. It would be horrible, if I went to school that long and couldn't get a job, that would be heartbreaking

Re: How Did you get started

I started off as a Nursing Tech/Unit Sec in a hospital. I work there for 5 years, this looks really good on my resume as I understand both sides of Pt care

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Re: How Did you get started

Brad-Can you explain what a "Unit Sec" is and if something like that is offered in every hospital?