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Why not a dry wipe after injections?

This is something I have never been able to figure out,or get a good answer to-we are taught to do a dry wipe after cleaning with alcohol before a blood draw but not before an injection-why not? The nurses I have ask will say 'Well,you CAN do it....." but I have never seen them or anyone do it. Hemolysis aside,skin is skin and I would think it could sting in any way,since both involve a needle being inserted into it that may or may not be wet with alcohol. Does anyone know an answer?

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Re: Why not a dry wipe after injections?

Ican only tell you what my instructor told me: palpate the vein, cleanse the area with an alcohol pad in circular motion, starting with small circles, getiing bigger while you work from the INSIDE => TO THE OUTSIDE away from the intended phlebotomy point.

And here is the part that answers your question:
Then WAIT a moment until the area has completely DRIED. However, don't blow on it, don't fan it, don't wipe it, because blowing or wiping, can transfer germs from the immediate area rigt back to the intended phlebotomy point.

And from my own experience, as a patient being drawn on... yes, each time the alcohol hasn't completely dried first, I feel the sting! But as a compliant (and patient) patient, I say nothing, grin, and bear it (we recently had a very interesting thread on this, also!).


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Re: Why not a dry wipe after injections?

We are taught not to wipe at anytime before needle insertion. IV's or blood draws. Let the alcohol or chlorhexadine evaporate as a dry wipe will tranfer germs and defeats the purpose.

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Re: Why not a dry wipe after injections?

Actually,an air dry takes too long. If you try timing it on yourself,you will see that it is still wet there 20-30 seconds later. Added into that the minute that a tourniquet is only supposed to be on and it takes up too much time. A fresh piece of packaged gauze is what should be used for the wipe,not a cotton ball that other's hands may have been on.

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Re: Why not a dry wipe after injections?

You should not be dry wiping for either. You need to wait for the EOTH to air dry. There is no point in wiping it off it defeats the purpose.