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Medical Assisting questions

I am currently working at home as a medical transcriptionist. I have been doing this for the past 5 years. I went and had an interview with a local college to find out about the medical assisting course. She stated that I would probably be able to skip the med terminology and key boarding parts since I already have experience in those and I'm assuming that I would be able to replace those credits with something else like phlebotomy. She told me that the whole course would cost around $14,000. Does this sound right?

Also, how long is the externship usually?

I am hoping after the course is done I will be able to find a decent job with decent hours (9-3 or 9-5). Is this going to be possible? Do people who have taken an extra course like phlebotomy make more than people who haven't?

Also, is it possible to get through the course paying very little out of pocket, if any, with all the grants and scholarships out there? Has it been done?

One last question - When taking the placement test for this course what are the questions like? How will they be able to assess whether I'm efficient in medical transcribing and keyboarding or not?

BTW, the school I'll be going to is Hagerstown Business College. Anyone who is attending or has attended please respond or email me.

Thanks! Tina

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Re: Medical Assisting questions

What were you told you would be making as a medical assistant? You are probably making more now as a MT. I have a cousin who does that and she makes pretty good money. Most MA jobs start out low and do not go up much. If you were told that MAs are mostly making $15 an hour,you were lied to.

I would hope that some MA schools are teaching phlebotomy in a course by itself but at the one I went to,it wasn't and what was taught was very minimal and a lot of important information was left out. Only this school can answer your questions about skipping some courses and taking others.

My school charged $10,000 and the grant covered $4000 of it,which means I am stuck with paying out about $50 a month for the loans. $14,000 is a lot.

My externship lasted 8 weeks,which is probably average.

You have to go by the office hours of where you work,and most close up around 5 with the workers staying a lot longer than that. If you want a 9-3 job you will be working as part time.

Whatever you qualify for loans,you still will be paying out something monthly for a long time.

I hope someone who went to the school you mentioned will write in to tell you what to expect.

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Re: Medical Assisting questions

Tina...14,000 is to much! I'm in Maryland and I went to Anne Arundel Community College and paid about 4,500 for the AAS degree program. Here in Maryland you can make anywhere from $10-13/hr to start. But, you really have to look hard for those jobs! I was luck as I have been with my office for 3 years and make $15.50/hr. GO TO A COMMUNITY COLLEGE!!!!!!

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Re: Medical Assisting questions

Thank you all for your replies! I am not planning on starting school until after all three of my kids are back in school after summer break. I will definitely be checking into different schools.

I am in WV, so at that college I mentioned I am out-of-state, so maybe that is why it is so high.

I actually do make much more doing transcriptioning, but I can't stand sitting here all day typing. Actually, I can barely make myself do it for more than 3 hours a day, which is what I'm doing now. I also find myself checking emails and going surfing on the web. With transciptioning, esp from home, every second your not typing your not making money. It has many downfalls. It is also a very lonely job.

I really want to go to get my LPN but it's a full time schedule and I can't do that right now with three small kids. I'm also afraid I wouldn't make it through the whole class because I've heard it's extremely hard and competitive.

Believe me, I'm going to keep researching before I start anything. I researched MTing for a year before I began doing it!

Thanks again!!

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