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just curious

hey everyone, I just wanted to let you all know that I had a job interview last week, but I'm still waiting for her to get back with me, she said she liked me but she was just unsure about me because I don't have very much experience. So she said she was going to take until the end of this coming week to think about it, so wish me luck ( P.S. the pay is good too) anyway, my question is (if I don't get this job) what should I do to find more job leads, I check my local paper everyday, and there is usually nothing in there or maybe two jobs, I also check careerbuilder, and monster, and all those other job sites, and it usually doesn't have much. I know that a lot of jobs are un advertised , so I was wondering if anyone had any tips I could use, One of my former classmates told me to look in the phone book and call a bunch of places, then send my resume to their office managers. But I was wondering if this is a good idea, I hate to bother the offices, and If the place is not hiring, I don't want to send my resume, and waste expensive stamps!! But maybe, I should, if it would get me a job!! any tips that anyone has will be appreciated.

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Re: just curious

What about your local workforce development center? Your local schools should have leads as well.

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Re: just curious

network, ask them if they know of other offices that may need your services

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