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Help me, I'm freaking Out!!!!

Hey everyone, I need help, because I have a very important interview tommorrow,At this hospital that I have been wanting to work at since I was in high school, this is like my dream job, so I am FREAKING OUT!!!!! I really need some advice, I am sooooo nervous, they told me it is between me and another girl, so naturally I feel even more pressure, I don't have very much experience, as a CMA so I'm wondering all these things about this other girl like, what if she has more experience than me,(the job said experience was not neccesary), what if she has a better resume thatn me, what if I suck at the interview?? I am looking all over the internet for internet questions and answers because I cannot afford to suck, the worst part is me and this other girl will be at the interview, together she will go in first, and I will go in last, so i know I will be so nerve racked, I am so nervous!!! this is so important to me, I'm breaking out in a cold sweat just thinking about the interview questions, I really want to seem poised and in control, I hope I don't ramble on and on, I need to get back to searching for my most capable looking outfit(i'm actually buying a new shirt for this interview)wish me luck, sorry so long!!! p.S. If you read this, please answer, any advice is appreciated, thanx!!!

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Re: Help me, I'm freaking Out!!!!

Be prepared for off-topic questions. I had an interview last year where I was asked "If you could meet anyone famous,dead or alive, and ask them one question,who would it be and what would you ask?" This was for an EYE doctor. I was so thrown I couldn't come up with an answer and it went downhill from there. I was still trying to think of someone 5 minutes later so I couldn't concentrate (and I didn't get the job). So you never know what they are going to ask but you should always have an answer ready. And good luck!

Re: Help me, I'm freaking Out!!!!


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