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Is there work part-time as an MA?

I currently work as a medical transcriptionist from home but I'm considering going to school to be an MA (if I get grants and school loans). I have three kids that are 10, 9, and 6. My oldest two will be two old for daycare but too young to stay at home full time by themselves. Are there part-time jobs out there as an MA? I know I could apply with a school so that I would be on the kids schedule but around here (WV) there are not many job openings for that. The schools around here have one nurse that runs from school to school. She has been doing this for years (I graduated in 97 and she was the nurse then). I'm sure they have assistants there as well, but as I said there are not many times where there is an opening like this. Is it possible to work part-time or am I fooling myself? I'm not willing to work full-time because it is too hard on me and the kids.

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Re: Is there work part-time as an MA?

Hey Tina, you might be better off staying with your transcription work, you probably make more than you would as an mA because the pay is not good at all, in most places, also, if you have only one income, then working part time would not support you and three kids or evenif you have a husband or boyfriend who works and your family needs your income, working part time as an MA would probably not be enough money.also, think of the loans you may have to pay back if you get them, if you work part time you may not be able to afford to pay them back.Also, when you go to school, will it be full time? how will your it affect your kids, they may be just fine!! You may find that you can work full time, since MAs hours are usually great hours such as 8-4:30 or 9-5 these hours are not too bad since school aged kids get out at between 2:00-and 3:30,(at least they do in my city) so they wouldn't be without you for too long. I have heard of MAs getting jobs with schools but they are usually few and far between where I'm from. If you really want to become an MA, there should be some solution to your problem, I actually worked for a doctor, ( a woman of course) who let me bring my daughter to work with me, she actually let me leave work to go get her, and then on the days she was off school and me and her dad had to work, I brought her in for the whole day!! (She's three) The doc said being that she has three kids herself, she really wanted to have an office that was mommy freindly. So from my example you never know what you are going to find. so if you really want to be an MA don't let little things stop you, and trust your gut. Good Luck!!!

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Re: Is there work part-time as an MA?

I work part time while I go to school. There are pool positions available for clinics that are affiliated with one particular hospital. You can float around and fill in at various places. You can also get part time at a physicians office. I work 10 hour Sundays and Thur/ Fri nights.

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