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WGM and Grand Officers Travel Coast to Coast for Canada's 150th

The WGM of British Columbia and Yukon and 4 of her Grand Officers travel COAST to COAST for Canada 150.

The Grand officers came from all parts of our great province to travel to the Grand Chapter Sessions of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick July 1st to July 8th. The following is an accounting of our adventure.

Sat July 1st CANADA DAY: was travel day: How long does it take to get Nova Scotia? Apparently, it depends who you travel with.

The Grand Trustee wins the distance and perseverance award. Wendy was bumped flights, many flights, too many to cont. She left home on Thursday and arrived in Halifax on Friday night via Regina to Montreal to Fredericton to Halifax.

Next came the WGM and Grand Lecturer. Joanne left home on Sat at the horrid awakening hour of 4:15 am as she puts it stupid O’clock. She was accompanied on this leg by Grand Chaplain (Cheryl) and Grand Adah (Donna).

Once we hit Calgary, Joanne met up with our Grand Lecturer Jacquie (who had traveled from Green Lake to Vancouver by car and then by plane to Calgary. The two flew together to Halifax.

They did however leave Cheryl and Donna in Calgary for a 12-hr layover. It was Canada day and with so much time to kill, and being good Canadian girls, the two found their way to downtown Calgary for celebrations! Amazing crowds, food and patriotism was the order of the day.

Finally, at 1145 pm they boarded the plane to Halifax on the red eye. There was a bit of a scare picking up luggage as our cases were not to be found. Donna was so worried “the dress the dress she said, “I knew I should not have checked it.” With a bit of help from the attendants our luggage was discovered on a different carousel. WHEW!

The shuttle from the airport brought the final two of group together with the rest at 7:00 am.

Sunday July 2nd Time to sleep? Wendy had just flown in from Hong Kong several days earlier and really was not quite sure where she was or what day it was, ...Donna and Cheryl had little to no sleep since Friday and so the answer was, of course ...take 20 min nap and go site seeing!

The rain (sideways rain) was unbelievable almost, but we west coasters know rain! It stopped as suddenly as it started, so the group was off to the Citadel in downtown Halifax!

This amazing fortress offered tremendous views of Halifax, the Atlantic Ocean and beyond. The fortress yard itself was interesting in all the various rooms. We discovered that the sentries were non- military and were hired as summer employment. They stood at attention at the entrances and did not even blink! We learned that although the fortress was built to prepare for an attack from the Americas, the American forces discovered that a surprise attack was impossible. The Citadel, although always manned and prepared was never attacked.

Still Sunday: Off we went to Truro where we anticipated a great session for the Nova Scotia Grand Chapter. There were 5 women; 4 large suitcases; several smaller ones and various other bags. All in one CAR! Who got the middle hump seat? Wendy ensured that we would change each stop. Sounds good, right? Hmmmmm, we checked into the Best Western. We found out that on Sunday everything is closed even the most important refreshment store! No worries, off we went to the Masstown Market to find refreshments and snacks at the most delightful market that was obviously a hot tourist stop.

Joanne (having been form these parts) took us on a bit of drive and we visited her Aunt Bea at her most beautiful home that overlooks the Bay of Fundy. Some of will be returning here for an extended vacation.

Re: WGM and Grand Officers Travel Coast to Coast for Canada's 150th

Love this Cheryl! Hope to see lots more.