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Coast to Coast Installment #4

Grand Officers travel Blog July 7 to July 9th.

Friday July 7th: We attended sessions in the am. The MWGM and MWGP each spoke with dignity and grace. It was truly inspiring. The MWGM spoke about her project, regenerative medicine. This project is about the research of using stem cells to recreate tissue and organs. This type of treatment can be used to treat many degenerative illnesses; anything from new “real skin “for burn patients to improving the conditions for Parkinson’s patients. Her committee was selling wrists brands with WFIRM + OES= Imagine. This stands for Wake Forrest Institute for Regenerative Medicine. This is the research group that the MWGM has partnered with for the project. Several of us purchased bands and noted that they are a great conversation started about Eastern Star and what we do.
Following this the elections were held. It was interesting to see that all nominations were from the floor and were filled by acclamation.

Friday afternoon we went to downtown Fredericton sightseeing. Such a beautiful city with amazing homes a beautiful river running through it. Wendy was into yarn and more yarn. We met up in time to go to the CFB Gage Town forces base and Joanne showed us where she had lived and what all the building were, a great guide! Back to downtown for dinner at a wonderful bistro. At the bistro, everything that was served was local and delicious. Sadly, it was time to pack and soon two of crew would be leaving for home.

Sat July 8th: We packed up and checked out so we all could attend the Fredericton market. What fun we had. The Boyce market is a permanent market that is both indoors and out and runs all year. Although I am sure that there is a few less out door vendors in the worst of winter days. We enjoyed amazing odours of food, bright colours and many people. We had a great breakfast and shopping galore. Too soon it was time to say so long to Wendy and Donna so off to the airport.

After this, we went back to the city center for Jacqui to take pictures of doors, houses, and lighthouses. The homes here are amazing, heritage mostly and all extremely well kept. We returned to the hotel to pick up our luggage and head for the next destination. We were barely out of the hotel parking lot when the car started to act up. It seemed the E- brake was on. Jo-Anne thought this was odd as she had not recalled putting it on. Again, once we moved, the e-brake came on, in the middle of the highway! It was self-engaging! Fortunately, there was a rental company close by where we efficiently exchanged vehicles. Too bad we did not have the new larger vehicle when all of us were together.

Our destination next was Jo-Anne’s Aunt and Uncle’s house in St. John. Rather than the highway route our tour guide Jo-Anne took us along the old highway through the St. John River valley. It meandered through the many small towns and provided us with stunning scenery the entire ways! The St. John River is extremely long and runs fast although it was so beautiful there was temptation to just stop and go for a swim.

Jo-Anne’s family were very welcoming and we enjoyed our visit. They too live on the river and my gosh, what a view. We learned that there is a trail that sides along the river for walking riding or running. Off to Five Island NS, once again. On route though we had to make a dinner stop once again at “The Big Stop” for, yes, you guessed it more lobster. On our route to Five Islands we discovered that Jo-Anne had been tracking road kill. The statistics will be provide later. We arrived at Five Island without further incidents. Jo-Anne’s Aunt Bea lives there ( as I mentioned on day one) . Her beautiful home is on the water of course, and we anticipated two more weeks of adventures. Actually, the town is named Lower Economy.

Fun Fact: The town got its name from the Acadian (French settlers) adaptation of the Mi’kmaq First Nations name kenomee -which means “land jutting out”.

Stay tuned for more exciting adventures throughout the Maritime.