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Death of Alvin M Belcher

Reverend Alvin M Belcher, WHS Class of 1961, went home to be with JESUS, March 22, 2018.
Alvin was a Master Welder and taught at McDowell County Vocational Technical Center before being appointed as Director of the Center.
He was promoted to Director of Maintenance for McDowell County Schools where he worked through retirement. He is survived by wife Ethel, son Lanny Ray, daughter Angie, brother Tommy, and sister Cherry Rose.
Alvin preached the love of GOD and the forgiveness of sin through Christ Jesus. He was Pastor at Little Vine Baptist Church.
As his sister, I mourn the loss of this good and GODLY influence in my life. It was an honor to be his sister. He is remembered with love and great longing.

Re: Death of Alvin M Belcher

I was so sorry to hear about your sweet brother's passing. We were friends in high school & I well remember how kindly he always treated me. He was a good person. Donnie

Re: Death of Alvin M Belcher

Thank you! He remains my hero!