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WHS 70's Reunion

A few days ago, I received an email from Carol Turner Collins stating "Mark your calendars for the WHS 70's Reunion Aug. 2-4, 2019. Details forthcoming in the near future. Dinner/dance will be held at the recently remodeled Quality Inn (old Holiday Inn) in Bluefield. Friday and Sunday are undecided at this time. Just wanted to get the date out now so everyone could start planning to come. "
I (AB) look forward to seeing my friends/classmates at the 70's reunion in 2019.

Re: WHS 70's Reunion

Thanks for the heads up AB, I would love to finally be able to make one of these and see old classmates and friends!

Re: WHS 70's Reunion

Wonderful news! I sure hope the committee working with the class of 1971 reach out to our classmates. So many of 1971 knew nothing about the last reunion.
So much hard work goes into the planning of a reunion, I also hope all classmates will respond. A simple yes or no answer is sufficient.

Re: WHS 70's Reunion

Please go to the 'Welch High School 70's Reunion' facebook page for all the reunion information. Please tell all your classmates about the facebook page and about the upcoming reunion. Hope to see everyone there!

Re: WHS 70's Reunion

I'm very confident each class officers will contact classmates, as that is policy to my understanding.
If there is anything I can do to help the committee, please do not hesitate to contact me at the above email addy.
Love to you and yours,


Re: WHS 70's Reunion

Hi Carol,

Not everyone uses Facebook, especially after the Facebook data breach in which over 240 million persons information was stolen. I do NOT use Facebook. Can you please post the information for the 70's reunion on the Maroon Wave Assembly Hall page (this page)? Many Thanks. A. B.

Re: WHS 70's Reunion


August 2-4, 2019

The entire Quality Inn (old Holiday Inn) in Bluefield has been reserved for our class reunion at this time. There are 118 rooms available to us at a discount through 4/30/19. After that date any room vacancies will be opened up to the public and discounts will no longer be offered. Please be aware that they do not have an elevator so if you require a main level room let them know at the time you make your reservation. They do however, have a new air conditioning system (for those of you that were too hot during the last reunion). Also, be sure to ask about cancellation policies. The reunion committee has no control over room reservations or cancellations.

The Saturday evening dinner and dance will be held at the Quality Inn. There are no definite plans for Friday and Sunday at this time. Please feel free to make any suggestions as this is your reunion.

We are in need of class representatives for the years of 1969, 1971, and 1979. If you are willing to be a class representative for those years please comment below.

Please let all your former classmates know about the reunion. There will be no letters, etc. mailed out concerning the reunion. All information will be posted to this Facebook page.

Again, feel free to make suggestions as this is your class reunion. We are hoping for a fantastic turn out; the more the merrier.

Reunion committee

2019 WELCH HIGH SCHOOL 70's Reunion Committee:

President: Sherry Belcher
Vice- President: Glen Jean Tee
Secretary: Susan Hardy
Treasurer: Cathy Jack
Social Media Chairperson: Carol Turner Collins
Newspaper Publicity: Robin Martin
Gift Chairperson: Venita Gordon Brand
Activities Chairperson: Mary Marino Lewis

Class Representatives:

68: Judy Nystrom, Tally Deal
69: Jimmy Spence
70: Glen Jean Tee, Lida Hatfield Howard
71: Robin Martin
72: Mary Lewis, Rachel Sanders, Carol Kish Miller
73: Cathy Rotenberry, Keith Conner, Patty Cardona,
Louise Crouse, Mary Riffe
74: Susan Hardy, Belinda Burke
75: Carol Collins, Sonja O'Neal, Rhonda Kroll,
Kathy Gentry
76: Donna Quesenberry, Ronald Williams,
Karen Beardmore, Jane Damron
77: Butch Lindsay, Greg Muncy, Myrna Young,
Ronald Hamby, Harriet Cooper
78: Sherry Belcher, Cathy Jack, Venita Brand,
Tammi Wyatt, Neicy Jordon
79: Beth Gianato, Bill Hornick, Patricia Robinette

If you would like to be a class representative, please let us know. Also, please feel free to give us suggestions. We are definitely open to ideas as this is your reunion. Hope everyone is getting excited and planning to attend!

Re: Reunion committee

Hi Sherry,

Many Thanks for providing the information about the 70s reunion so quickly. I and many others appreciate your efforts.

Re: Reunion committee

I just made my reservation for the 70's WHS reunion at the Quality Inn in Bluefield. Rooms usually go for $116 per night (plus tax). Mention the WHS reunion and you can get a room for $98 per night (plus tax). I look forward to seeing my friends and classmates in August 2019. A. B.