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Dorman (3 cylinder?) : type, weight, worth, ...

hello all,

I've got a question and probably someone here's got the answer.

My grandfather has got a Dorman stationary diesel. It was bougt in the early sixties
as part of a milling installation (millstones, mixer, rollers) and should be build at least
a couple of years earlier (1920?) because he bought it second hand......

At the moment he's clearing out the farm (he's 81) and wanted to sell the Dorman
for scrap metal! I've suggested to buy the complete installation (by proffesion I'm a
I know allready it's likely a good bargain to buy this one for scrap metal prices (for it had
been running until a few years ago)...

Any info or suggestion are VERY welcome;
..worth, weight, type, etc...
origin (boat, crane?)

Some pictures: