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The early flat bar Webster Magneto

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IHC International Harvester

The early flat bar Webster Magneto
wehre also available on IHC engines. Tis unique unit combined the magneto and igniter in a single assembly.
A push rod pickaway from its resting position.
As it tripped off, heavy springs quickliy returned the armature to its original position, thus generating a brief but large potential charge magneto, was also timed to open simultaneously, thus creating a hot spark. Make-and-brak systems were very simple from the electrical standpoint, but were machanically complicataed.

An elaborate Reproduction

Webster Aussetz-Magnetzündung (Flachmagnete) Typ J2 von
International Harvester IHC

Webster "flat bar" Magnet Ignitor Typ J2 "Make and break system" from
International Harvester IHC

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