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ZETOR K25 100% ORIGINAL and many others.


I have a very interesting tractor ZETOR K25. This tractor is 100% original ! Everything is in good condition - and everything works well. There is also a second engine ! and many many parts to this tractor ! many of them are brand new - strait from the factory from 1949 ! This tractor has had only 2 owners and all the time had been garaged ! I'm sending you some photos. Maybe you can help me to find people wanting to buy a tractor like this.

I have also many other old tractors, machines and "old iron". Im looking for people that want to buy it.

please, if you can help me write me on my email adress - -thanks a lot!and talk to you soon,

Merry Christmas,


Re: ZETOR K25 100% ORIGINAL and many others.

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