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Bernard Motor

Could anyone give me a hint on BERNARD Engines.

Anything will be of help.
Thank you in advance.

Re: Bernard Motor

Hi Paco,

Bernhard engines were made in France.
Bernard worked at Renault as a designer and started his own production in 1919.
A lot were made.
Conord is a simular make.
On this page I have a brochure of Bernhard motors: but it is just one brochure of course
Claude OAUCHEE at this moment is writing the books "Les Constructeurs Francais De Moteur Agricoles et industriels de 1860 a 1950"
We have tome 2 (ISBN 2-9519436-1-X) which is book 2 and I am quite sure Bernard is in book 1.

Hope this is of help.
Best regards Jeanne