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Re: All Columbo Fonts - a note on ep titles

Thanks, steviebaby (that made me sound like a Hollywood agent) -- I love fonts, got thousands of them, and this will lend some authenticity to my fanfic artwork.

I loved when TV shows had actual titles (not just script names on the cable listings). It made it easy to track and discuss favorite eps and somehow gave a little pizzazz to the production. I got a real kick a few weeks back when the Hawaii Five-O remake used the original's in-your-face ep title for a story that definitely harked back to the Jack Lord version (creepy weird psycho serial sniper on a rampage -- H5O.1's signature as much as Dog and the Peugot belonged to our hero). Take the Mentalist -- all the script names have some form or shade of red in the title. Why waste that unifying identifier?

Columbo definitely used titles to maximum benefit -- the Molotov cocktail-punctuated credits in Publish or Perish, for example. The only show of the time that outdid Columbo for credit panache was the Rockford Files. Titles like "The Aaron Ironwood School of Success," "The Dwarf in the Helium Hat," and "Just Another Polish Wedding" told you you were in for a cool story and some real fun.

Bring back the titles, preferably in yellow Folio.