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Re: Peter Falk raincoat

Hey Paul, THANK you so much for the true and full history of that "1967 raincoat" auction! To be honest, I feel better knowing some lucky bidder did not actually "steal" the original coat and shoes for $1700. I found that bit of info online, not long ago (no doubt after the fpllow-up offering), but maybe that was just the "lower than reserve" bid that was made but didn't take the prize. I'd love to help with the image posting but I'm traveling, with limited access to the internet. A while ago I posted how to use Imgur for this, but today I no longer find that Imgur offers easy copy/paste versions of the links in BB code or message board format. It does let you upload an image and get a plain http URL for it, which I'm guessing will work if folks don't mind taking a moment to copy/paste the URL from your post into their browser. For actual embedding and display you need either "bb code" or an html tag, i.e. adapt the http address with href= (etc -- it's hard to describe it here without creating an actual tag, which would not display as a tag but as the image!). Anyway I have also used Photobucket, to upload images and create that href= tag I mentioned, but they now seem to have limited free functions too. When I can I will work up a new set of tips on this, and post it. But I bet that the service you're talking about will work too. Thanks again for the auction info, and big congrats on your excellent purchase!

Re: Peter Falk raincoat

OK I found a site that will easily let folks here upload an image AND get the right kind of link for this forum, AND does not even require registration or an email, etc. I don't know anything else about it, but it seems OK.

After uploading an image you can click on the "Embed codes" drop'=down menu, and select "html fully linked". This will create the full html link that you can copy from the box and paste into a Forum message.

I just tried it and it looked good in Preview!

Re: Peter Falk raincoat

Thanks Ted,
I’ll look at it when I free up.
Want to hear something interesting?
Last night while looking at the items (I just picked them up Monday) the shoes are custom made, so is the shirt and suit incidentally, however regarding the shoes you’ll surely remember Ward Fowler and his kept secret, well, it appears Peter as it relates to Columbo had the same secret because there are custom cork inserts which raises the height an additional 2”. I bet dimes to dollars even Mark Dawidziak didn’t know that.

Re: Peter Falk raincoat

Heh, that is interesting, Paul!