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Re: What is the value of a script?

I cannot give you an expert opinion, but currently there are several Columbo scripts on Ebay going between about $8.00 and $20.00 -- and that is with the signatures of Peter Falk, and sometimes co-stars. One seller is asking for $70.00. I assume some are more rare than others, but to be honest I think they are something people collect more for fun and interest than as an investment. I have about a dozen, signed, including some that were unproduced episodes or "original" drafts, and I like having them (some are interesting because the character names and plot twists differ from the final episode), but would not think they are valuable as manuscripts.

Re: What is the value of a script?

Talking of scripts on eBay, do you think this is real?

Even if they say it's a colour copy of the script (not an original one), the photograph is clearly anachronistic for a 1971 episode, so I wonder whether the rest, autographs and all, has also been altered. And what about the F in Peter's signature? Is he known to have used that type of F in a certain period of his life? I've seldom seen it, and I don't think I've ever seen in on an early photo. A quick Google search yields this: