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Missing you all!

Hello from Spain,

It feels like ages since I first visited this page (in the very late nineties), and it also feels like ages since I last came here (when?). But, as you can imagine, I've never stopped watching Columbo, though I must say the pace has slackened lately. I don't have time for anything outside my job, so I haven't watched any episode since last summer (and my activity on the internet has been drastically reduced, too).

I'm eagerly looking forward to the Christmas holidays. I can't wait to watch the NBC episodes... But I'll probably watch the ABC ones instead. I haven't seen them for years. I had them on VHS tapes, recorded from television, but since our player broke down for good (and that must have happened almost twenty years ago!) I haven't watched a single ABC episode except 'Columbo Likes the Nightlife', when it was originally aired, as they haven't been released on DVD over here. Some time ago I bought myself the UK brown box resembling a cigar box with all the episodes, but, incredibly, I haven't used it yet, so it'll be my first opportunity to watch some of the episodes in a very long time.

I've been anticipating this for weeks, and I'm so excited about it that I thought I'd pop back and say hello and share it with you. I suppose I'll spend some time browsing the forum after I've posted this (though it's past my bedtime), so maybe I'll see old familiar names as well as new ones (I've already seen Cass's little angel at the top of the page, which is heart-warming). Anyway, I love seeing this forum going on and well. I'd like to say I'll visit the site more frequently, but I know that's only a wish. So I won't say it. But be sure I never forget this great bunch of Columbo people.

Have a great Christmas season and a new year full of Columbo!

Re: Missing you all!

I've just seen I last came here in May... Well, it FEELS like ages! :smile: :smile:

Re: Missing you all!

It's very good to hear from you again.

Re: Missing you all!

Good to see you my friend I posted something similar to what you just said about two and a half months ago. How about some of the old-timers on here. The subject was well received. Keep checking back in because you never know when some of those Old-Timers might pop up

Re: Missing you all!

Good to hear from you, Vergara! And a Merry Christmas to you!