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Drysdale mansion in suitable for framing?

Enjoying the latest installment on the columbo youtube channel was struck by the similarity of uncle's mansion to the that of Milburn Drysdale's from beverly hillbillies. Does anyone know if the exterior was used for both places?

Re: Drysdale mansion in suitable for framing?

For information, the exteriors of Dale Kingston's uncle's mansion were filmed at 333 Copa De Oro Rd. Sincerely.

Re: Drysdale mansion in suitable for framing?

A little bit of checking turned up that same address as the location for the Drysdale mansion external shots. Thanks for that information

Re: Drysdale mansion in suitable for framing?

The google street view is hard to see much with the tall hedges, but the aerial shot of that home and others next to it, like that one a few houses up the street on Stone Canyon Rd?? Yipes. I've been all over Southern Cal and LA, played golf at Riviera and Belair CC, etc, etc, and my God, that property is over-the-top ridiculous in all regards. I mean, seriously who needs something that nice, except for maybe me. :]