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"Filler Time"

I justed watched Make Me a Perfect Murder and I had forgotten about the 3.5 minutes of filler/unnecessary time of Columbo fooling around in the editors booth with all those shapes and lines on the TV screens.

In real life nobody would let him play around with the boards. This is just one example. There are others in the series that use interesting scenarios just to fill up some time. Anybody else notice this? ( and if I heard that Walking my Baby song one more time I would sing it in my sleep).

Re: "Filler Time"

My opinion, Columbo is loaded with "darker" esoteric messaging, symbolism and suggestion. This scene is in that set of Columbo scenes that are trying to tell us something beyond just cute shapes on the screens. I've made a few low-level attempts to freeze-frame and ponder that one, but never came up with an idea there.

I do not believe they inserted completely meaningless scenes for filler time. I do agree they probably had to extend a few scenes to include longer cuts, etc. But this one here means something. I believe this episode (Perfect Murder), Identity Crisis, Grand Deceptions, Deadly State of Mind and Bye Bye Sky High IQ are vehicles for deeper esoteric parallels I've always wondered about, and have my own ideas. I also think Commodore was one of these, and not just a "bad episode" as some suggest. I actually like that episode, but understand how some may not.

I recall somebody here mentioning this concept, and that they'd be interested in sharing what they thought about certain esoteric symbolism in ID Crisis. I can't find that post, but I'd like to hear more if that person is around. Or, if others have ideas.

"Oh and Raymond, I'll be watching Walking My Baby tonite". hehe

Re: "Filler Time"

Maybe it was to capitolize on George C. Scott's cameo

Re: "Filler Time"

I think the ultimate in Columbia filler is the bizarre sequence in Sex and the Married Detective where Columbia shows off his tuba skills.

Can anyone even attempt to explain a plot reason for that scene?

Re: "Filler Time"

That scene in Make me a Perfect Murder has always struck me as odd. I mean there are scenes that are obviously put into some of the episodes (particularly the longer ones) to stretch the episodes out more, but that scene just felt unusual and surreal. Anyway i love the scene where he hounds Kay on the tv screens, another surreal scene in that episode.

Re: "Filler Time"

Woops spell check made a mess of Columbo.