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Columbo Quiz

It has been forever since i posted one of these. Some of us "old timers" were always getting a kick out of stumping people. (Yes im referring to Headache2112 whom I miss dearly around here).

Try these:

1. What was Karl Donners last words?

2. Name the only episode Columbo says "Dude" in.

3. Give Mac's actual complete name from Last Salute.

4. In the episode "By Dawns Early Light" Columbo tells Morgan he once gave a gal an identification bracelet. What was her name?

5. Columbo flew in a police plane to Bakersfield in what episode?

6. When referring to Columbo's cigar, one man said "You gnaw on it like a beaver" Name him.

7. Name the Private Investigator from "Columbo and the Murder of a Rock Star."

8. Speaking of Private I's who was the private I who worked for Brimmer that Columbo was trying to find?

9. "He looks a little tanked up" refers to who?

10. What was the name of the tool Danzinger used to make keys?

11. Baseball player Ron Cey was is what episode?

12. Columbo wants "____________" to teach him "This old Man" on an electric piano so he can play it for Mrs. Columbo on her next birthday. Fill in the name.

13. Jessica ___________ was Milo Janus' secretary.

14. "For your information Im going to fire Bertie" was spoken by whom and in what episode??


Re: Columbo Quiz

3. Theodore Albinski
5. Swan Song
8. Leo
13. Conroy

Re: Columbo Quiz

4. Theresa

5. Swan Song

13. Jessica Conroy

14. "Bertie" sounds like Bye Bye Sky High IQ Case, but not sure who said it.

Should know the first one but can't remember!

Thanks for the quiz!

Re: Columbo Quiz

14 is not Bye Bye Sky High -- but great guess Keep thinking.

Re: Columbo Quiz

14: Johnny Cash in “Swan Song”?

Re: Columbo Quiz

not swan song. answers coming in about 3 days

Re: Columbo Quiz

4. Teresa

5. "Swan Song"

11. "Uneasy Lies the Crown"

Those are the ones that I remember. I did better on the Columbo Quiz on the website.

Re: Columbo Quiz

I remembered #9 is Riley Greenleaf.

The quiz was a hard one but challenging.

Re: Columbo Quiz

Tricky quiz but i got a few (they've already been posted above) however,

No 6. Clifford Calvert

It's when he's trying to convince Columbo to use a cutter on the end of his cigars.

Not the best episode ever but I've always had a soft spot for this one for some reason.

Re: Columbo Quiz

7. Sam Marlow

10. Curtis Clipper

14. A Bird in the Hand.....said by Dolores, I think.

Re: Columbo Quiz

If I remember correctly, Sam Marlow was Peter Falk's character in "Murder by Death."

Re: Columbo Quiz

If I remember correctly, Sam Marlow was Peter Falk's character in "Murder by Death."
That was Sam Diamond.

Re: Columbo Quiz

You are right, "I stand corrected." Quote from "Double Exposure," when Columbo could not remember that it was Dr. Kepple, not Mr. Kepple.

I hope I was correct on that quote.

Thank you for the correction.


You guys all did fantastic. Numbers 2 and 13 were hard. so was 14 but Brett got it correct. Here are the rest of the answers.

1. Karl Donners last words were "Without her there is no book." (Referring of course to mrs. Donner).

2. he says "dude" in Columbo Likes the Nightlife. He is speaking to the man who is dusting the computer for fingerprints and he says, "This aint no suicide. But there's some guy out there that wants me to think that it was. And that's the dude I'm going to be looking for"

3. Theodore Albinski.

4. Theresa (pronounced "Teraza").

5. He flew to Bakersfield in Swan Song. And he did not like it.

6. Clifford Calvert.

7. Sam Marlow is correct.

8. From Death Lends a Hand. He was Brimmer's top investigator. Teacher's pet according to one guy. Leo Gentry.

9. That refers to Riley Greenleaf. Nice job Cindy!

10. Curtis Clipper.

11. Uneasy Lies The Crown.

12. This one's stumped everybody. It was Gabe's girlfriend from Murder with too Many Notes. Her name was Becca. Or, Rebecca would work as well.

13. Jessica Conroy

14. As previously mentioned, it comes from A Bird in the Hand. Spoken by Dolores.

Good job all.