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Re: Is Murder Under Glass the second weirdest after Commodore?

I pretty much agree with Rob L. It isn't the greatest episode, but it's watchable.

The biggest problem I have with the plot (apart from also not understanding what the other two restaurant owners are doing) is that I've never found it credible that Louis Jourdan has such a big influence on a restaurant's reputation that he can blackmail someone for $100,000. If these are award-winning restaurant owners, why don't they just stop paying?

Re: Is Murder Under Glass the second weirdest after Commodore?

So many stories about blackmail and other kinds of extortion make you wonder why the person doesn't do "counter-blackmail," especially when money is being extorted for something other than a CRIME. So I wonder the same thing. In fact, I can't help wondering it about Vittorio himself - it seems like he could have said to Paul, "Stop extorting money from me and the others, and I won't tell anyone that you've been doing it."
Of course, then there would be no story.