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Re: Etude in Black -a Few Issues

The biggest problem I had with this episode (which I enjoy) is how Alex Benedict gets the car back IN the garage. When he drops off the car, he cracks the bathroom window. When he returns from the Hollywood Bowl, he closes and locks the window. Once in the garage, he has to lower the car from the lift and UNLOCK the garage to open. He then closes the garage and drives off (miraculously not hitting any of the antique cars parked in the lot).

How did he get back in the place? The garage was locked. The window was locked. If the garage wasn't locked, why did he bother to climb in the window the first time?

The piano playing was painfully fake (almost as bad as Charlie Sheen pretending to play, but at least they don't show his hands faking it), but Cassavetes is great for this role. I also get a kick out of some of Myrna Loy's dialogue: "Now being a good boy and vanish." "Let's not get smart about how old I am. If you're trying to win me over, you're not making it, sonny!" (I love that delivery)

Re: Etude in Black -a Few Issues

Even though Pat Morita had a small part, his character made me laugh. "Mr. Benedict, Mr. Benedict."

Re: Etude in Black -a Few Issues

Whether or not her makes the right moves with the trumpet, James Olson has just the right "intense" look for a musician, including I guess a jazz musician.

Re: Etude in Black -a Few Issues

One thing I forgot to mention is that if you compare this episode to the other musical episode (Murder with too Many Notes) this one is far superior.