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Re: Awkward Moments With The Cigar

My biggest one is ETUDE IN BLACK. He pays Alex Benedict a visit the night after the murder at the Maestro's mansion. Without knowing if the Benedicts allow smoking in their $750,000 home, he lights up.
Brett that's great!!

I get a real charge when he lights up at two places:

1. The hospital in Exercise in Fatality. Now I was a very young pup when that episode came out, but did they actually allow smoking in a hospital? "A Stitch in Crime" is another one where he lights up this time IN the patient's room.

2. The one that really makes me laugh is in "Ashes to Ashes" when Rita tells Mr. Prince there is someone waiting for him in the showroom and we see Prince enter the room and a big puff of cigar smoke comes out from behind the coffin displays. Classic stuff.

Re: Awkward Moments With The Cigar

When it comes to someone hating it but trying their best to be polite about it, there's Barbara Rhoades in LADY IN WAITING.

Re: Awkward Moments With The Cigar

During A FRIEND IN DEED when Columbo shows up in Deputy Commissioner Halperin's car and he's looking for the cigar under the seat. Love this scence. "Come here you little rascal." (Also, check out the reactions on the faces of the cop in the front seat)

Re: Awkward Moments With The Cigar

Then there is Louise from "Agenda for Murder"

"Don't you dare" "Was it you??" Referring to Columbo's unlit cigar. The night before someone smoked a foul-smelling cigar "IN Mr. Finch's office"

Re: Awkward Moments With The Cigar

During Try and Catch Me he not only lights up in Abagail Mitchell's house, but he leaves the cigar ash in the sand near the front door, ticking off the maid in the process.

This is a little off the subject, but in A Trace of Murder Calvert tells him that he gnaws on it like a beaver and gives him a proper cigar cutter.

Re: Awkward Moments With The Cigar

In "Double Shock" when Mrs. Peck blasts Columbo when he drops the ashes, and then tries to wipe it out, in the gym area where Clifford Paris was found dead. Also in "Negative Reaction" when Columbo goes to see Mr. Glescko and while he is waiting he puts the ashes in his coat pocket.