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plot of first episode of the pilot

the first episode (of the pilot) is "Prescription Murder".
[spoiler ahead]
half way through this episode, Columbo seems to have reached a dead end ; Columbo doesn't have enough evidence to prove Ray murdered his wife. Then Columbo starts focusing on Ray’s mistress, Joan Hudson. What gave Columbo the clue that Joan might be involved?

Re: plot of first episode of the pilot

When Dr. Fleming got that phone call from Joan right before Columbo and him were getting ready to go to the hospital. He didn't know then it was her but just remembered the call was kind of awkward and Dr.Fleming acted like it was a patient and scheduled an appointment. Then later, Columbo made sure he was at the office when the patient arrived and asked her name and found out it was Joan Hudson. I can't remember what reason Columbo had that made him confront and interview her? Mayne someone else remembers?

Re: plot of first episode of the pilot

You nailed it. Dr. Flemming did say Friday at 2. However, I don't think there is a single clue or reason as to why he started focusing on her and conducted the interrogation, other than it's part of the detective process and the episode's progression with its cumulative "little things", e.g. the exchange outside the hospital door following Mrs. Flemming's passing. That said, the discussion/ showdown between Flemming and Columbo in the doctor's office is at the heart of this movie and very much puts Columbo on a mission, and he quickly zeroes in on the weak link.

Re: plot of first episode of the pilot

I watched the episode again. At 34 minutes and 29 seconds into the episode, before Columbo and Dr. Fleming go to the hospital, Joan Hudson indeed calls. Dr. Fleming makes it seem to Columbo like the caller is a patient. Thanks to your hints, guys, I now see that a patient calling Dr. Fleming's home number is indeed suspicious. And I now also connect Columbo's deliberate visit at 2 o'clock on Friday, to find out the name of that home-caller. Thanks! I can even add: Earlier, Dr. Fleming explicitly asked Joan not to call/visit Dr. Fleming for a few days. When Joan does call Dr. Fleming and apologizes for calling, Joan actually apologizes for ultimately exposing Dr. Fleming as the murderer.