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Re: Hallmark Movies and Mysterirs Channel is Chopping Critical Scenes out of Episodes

I started with Columbo on my DVR from a cable network a long time ago. Then, 12-ish years ago I got the box set. So, for the most part I've been watching Columbo on DVD.

Then just because I'm lazy, I started DVR recording Columbo from one of the cable channels, MeTV or some such, so I could flip it on quick if I was eating or whatever.

They basically ruined everything with all the edits.

For starters, they did a half-letterbox conversion of the screen shape/size. So, instead of just LEAVING the frickin video as is, in 4:3, they blew-up the screen size 30%, and ALSO widened the video. So they effectively chopped off the upper and lower portions of the original 4:3 signal.

So, fat faces, blurry zoomed-in signal and chopped off content.

Then, to add insult to injury, as others have mentioned here, they got some two-bit hack in the edit room at Hallmark or MeTV who is barked orders to reduce play time (increase commercials). So the moron just starts deleting scenes without understanding which way is up.

Getting rid the initial scene in Identity Crisis (the Chinese/Olympics reference) is a perfect example of this.

Re: Hallmark Movies and Mysterirs Channel is Chopping Critical Scenes out of Episodes

Great topic.

And I could not agree more with Kelly about some Doof in the back room not knowing anything about Columbo being ordered to just chop minutes off of the episode, not knowing what the hell he was doing. That's about as absurd as it gets. Next thing you know they'll remove every smoking scene with his cigar