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Re: Which Murderer Irritated You The Most

I find the murderers in the newer episodes to be more annoying. I think they were puposely written that way. It's hard to beat the two frat boys in "Columbo Goes to College".

As far as the older episodes, I think the writing focused more on making the murderers arrogant and boorish rather than just plain irritating. But I agree, Beth Chadwick was pretty annoying. Roddy McDowall was a bit irritating too.
Yep....Justin and Cooper from Columbo Goes to College are (and have been) my top pick forever. All that potential and money and famous (somewhat) fathers - at least justins was. They were both two big putzes.

Re: Which Murderer Irritated You The Most

William Shatner irritated me the most. In both episodes, "Butterfly in Shades of Grey" and "Fade into Murder." He is so arrogant and self-centered, I don't even watch those episodes.

Re: Which Murderer Irritated You The Most

Just thought of another total creep. Dr. Collier. Murdering the very mentally ill Nadia Donner was very bad. Especially the way he did it.

Re: Which Murderer Irritated You The Most

Jarvis Goodland in the Greenhouse Jungle! His whole attitude to everyone, his nephew, his wife, Columbo!