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Robert Conrad birth name

Watching Exercise in Fatality on Cozi and looked up Robert Conrad for his age to see how old he really was when filming since his age came up as a question to Jessica. Was surprised to see that his birth name was Conrad Robert Norton Falk. Funny little bit of trivia.

Re: Robert Conrad birth name

Nice research there! "Conrad Robert Norton Falk" sounds like a Mad Lib name :sweat_smile:

Re: Robert Conrad birth name

In the first scene when Columbo meets Jessica Conroy, just before Milo comes in from his morning exercise and Columbo asks Jessica “a personal question” regarding Milo’s age…
In the book Columbo Phile Mark mentions that Robert had an issue with that scene because they made him older that he actually was….
An Exercise in Fatality was done in late 1974, and I think Jessica Conroy said he was 53, or 54 (don’t remember exactly)
Which if true, would make Robert 98 years old, although old, he isn’t 98.