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Feeling Bad After Arrest

Last night, on Me-TV, all in the game was on. I believe that Columbo felt really badly after having to arrest Lauren. Even Barney asked him how he could do something like that to the same woman that he got flowers for.

So then I got to thinking there must be other examples of arrests that he made that he felt bad about. Perhaps the Forgotten Lady episode is another good example. Where he did not arrest the suspect. So my question is can you think of some other episodes where Columbo felt bad after having to arrest his suspect?

Re: Feeling Bad After Arrest

I've always thought half of them or more.

Abigail Mitchell - whether she really killed a murderer or not.
Tommy Brown and Adrian Carsini have been mentioned a lot when it comes to this.
Marshall Cahill, especially after the trick he played on him, which he probably found very embarrassing.
Paul Galesco - maybe that one is reaching, but that trick seemed to embarrass him a little too.
Grace Wheeler, Viveca Scott, Nora Chandler were all "celebrity crushes" of his in one way or another.

Probably a lot of others I'm not thinking of.

Re: Feeling Bad After Arrest

I wonder how he felt after he had to arrest a federal agent, namely Nelson Brenner, in Identity Crisis. I've often wondered what Nelson's boss, the director, thought about that. I suppose once you step over the line and become a criminal, it doesn't matter who you are.4

Re: Feeling Bad After Arrest

How about Beth Chadwick in "Lady in Waiting". "You're to classy a lady."