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Re: Favorite Dramatic Scenes

Yes, I enjoyed the Kay Freestone scene, as well. Columbo revealing that in his family "we were never alone" and Freestone sharing the painful memories of how difficult it was for her growing up. Also revealing about each character because Columbo "accepts things as they are" and Freestone apparently does not.

Re: Favorite Dramatic Scenes

I agree with you Steve, that scene was very good. I read somewhere that it was the first time Columbo got angry with the murderer. I also liked the end of "By Dawn's Early Light" when Columbo was showing how Col. Rumford killed Mr. Hayne and Col. Rumford told him he would do it again -- he felt no remorse.

Re: Favorite Dramatic Scenes

i love the scene in Make Me a Perfect Murder where Kay is trying to get back to the projection room with her own voice counting down. later on when she tries to get the gun from the elevator roof and also when Columbo torments her via the tv monitors.

Re: Favorite Dramatic Scenes

Try and Catch Me was filled with great scenes. The great Ruth Gordon as Abigail Mitchell, who was 80 years old when she starred in this episode, is in top form. The writing for this episode was also excellent, and I find I sympathize with Abigail who believes her niece's husband allowed her niece to drown.

My favorite scene is early on, when Abigail lures the greedy Edmund into her walk-in safe and she tells him she *knows* and then slams the door shut on him. Followed by the scene played with Mariette Hartley as Veronica, when Veronica thinks she hears something...and Abigail tells her it's a 'nightingale':

Veronica: Wait a minute, I do hear something

Abigail: What?

Veronica: A nightingale

Abigail: What a clever girl you are

This was, I believe, the first clue that Veronica knows Edmund is in the safe and she is willing to go along as long as she is taken care of.

Re: Favorite Dramatic Scenes

I was never sure why she turns the safe alarm back on.
It's intimated that she got rattled and had a 'senior moment'.

Re: Favorite Dramatic Scenes

I agree with Cholly's choice, except that (importantly) this exchange takes place right at the start of the episode, when she was testing the soundproofing using the tape recorder, rather than during the murder scene. This establishes in the very first scene that Veronica is going to play along with whatever happens later on.

Re: Favorite Dramatic Scenes

The finale of ETUDE IN BLACK between Lt., Benedict and his wife.
Especially, when the cornered killer asks" Can I have a word with you?....this is humiliating"