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Re: Andy Griffith Show connection

That's tougher than some other shows. The only ones who come to mind are Bernard Fox, who made a guest appearance, and the actress who played Helen Crump. I believe she was in "Stitch in Crime", although I could be wrong on the episode.

I'm surprised neither of the windbag mayors made their way onto Columbo. They were both classic character actors (Parley Baer and Dick Elliott).

And speaking of Mayberry (I know we're getting a bit far from Columbo), Howard McNear (Floyd the Barber) and Baer were key players on the original Gunsmoke radio program. McNear played Doc and Baer played Chester.

Re: Andy Griffith Show connection

Yes, good job! That's who i was referring to...Aneta Corsaut( Helen Crump ) who played a nurse in A Stitch in Crime. I don't know how i didn't notice that's who it was all the times i've seen that episode.