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Re: Twilight Zone and Columbo

I'm always making entertainment lists like that, so COLUMBO and TWILIGHT ZONE are familiar category.

Another obvious one is Arthur Batanides of "Mind Over Mayhem," since he was in Peter Falk's only Twilight Zone episode, "the Mirror."

Re: Twilight Zone and Columbo

I found three more actor/actress that were in the "Twilight Zone":

Val Avery - "Dead Weight," "Most Crucial Game," "A Friend in Deed," and "Identity Crisis"

Pippa Scott - "Requiem for a Fallen Star"

John Fielder - "Blueprint for Murder" He was also the voice of Winnie-the-Pooh😊

Re: Twilight Zone and Columbo

Don Keefer was the coroner in "The Most Crucial Game" and "Death Lends A Hand," and also in one of the most famous TWILIGHT ZONE'S. He was the man who becomes a jack in the box in It's A Good Life."