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Greenhouse Jungle Plot Holes

There are two things which have always bothered me about this episode, curious as to what others think:

(1) When Jarvis Goodland (Ray Milland) gets on the phone in the beginning with Cathy Goodland (Sandra Smith). Ray Milland's (Goodland) voice is SO distinctive, there seems to be little chance a sharp cookie like Cathy would be fooled by his cheesy audio disguising with a handkerchief.

(2) When Tony Goodland (Bradford Dillman) is found dead, wouldn't he be wearing the same clothes from the money exchange? The same money exchange which was photographed by Det. Wilson with the Starlight Scope?

Re: Greenhouse Jungle Plot Holes

Yes I always thought the same thing about the voice, they should have had him disguise it more to be believable. Had never thought about the clothes though - that’s a really good point!!!

Re: Greenhouse Jungle Plot Holes

Yes , I agree his voice is terrible using the handkerchief , I never noticed the clothes however I will check it out

Re: Greenhouse Jungle Plot Holes

Milland has one of those distinct voices that can’t be disguised, especially not to anybody that knew Jarvis Goodland. The same problem occurs in the dreadful Murder In Malibu. The raspy Brenda Vaccaro threatens her sister’s gigolo boyfriend while pretending to be the sister. But Vaccaro is another person whose voice is very distinct. The episode is so bad that it doesn’t matter.