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death hits the jackpot question

I have a question about death hits the jackpot. It concerns the numbers on Freddie's camera when Columbo was taking the picture and he saw the winning jackpot numbers on Freddie's camera. I know nothing about cameras but what were those numbers ? Did Freddie pick his lottery numbers from his camera ?

Re: death hits the jackpot question

The winning numbers (4, 5, 6, 8, 11, 16) are derived from f-stops on a camera. As Freddie was a professional photographer, it is presumed he always played those numbers. Columbo noted that and Uncle Leon responded that he was a helluva photographer and knew those numbers like the back of his hand.

Re: death hits the jackpot question

I believe that Leon said that he had just picked the lottery numbers at random. But when Columbo noticed that the numbers were taken from a camera, it became obvious to Columbo that Freddie was the real owner of the ticket. Columbo now saw the motive for Freddy’s murder.