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Clifford Calvert After the Murder

I wonder what Clifford ends up doing after the conviction of his wife. I'm sure that he's not all that broke up about it because sooner or later, probably at the trial, the affair with her and Patrick is bound to come out. I wonder if he even goes and visits her in prison? But more than that, I wonder if he continues to live in that house that holds so many memories of Kathleen.

I couldnt do that.

Re: Clifford Calvert After the Murder

Knowing his abrasive demeanor, I would think that he would visit her in prison at least once to personally hand her the divorce papers. Unless I got a bad read on their relationship, I don't think it was all that strong to begin with. She was a trophy wife, and even though Clifford probably loved her at first, at least enough to get married, I think he eventually accepted her for what she was and she she became an accessory that was just there.

Re: Clifford Calvert After the Murder

Agreed. Calvert was very harsh in his delivery of just about anything. I always get a laugh when he says to Colombo regarding his cigars "you gnaw on it like a beaver"

Yes I think Clifford goes to jail 1 time to visit Kathleen but that's it. Drop off the divorce papers and then on with his life. But he is so arrogant, that he's going to look for some other partner that he can boss around and wear the pants in the relationship so to speak. I doubt that Kathleen Calvert ever brought in any money into that relationship. Needless to say, Clifford is set money-wise.

Re: Clifford Calvert After the Murder

Clifford was a great character. "Had words? I knocked him on his ass!"