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Hart to Hart

I managed to catch an episode of Hart to Hart a couple weeks ago and I noticed John Chandler from Publish or Perish was in it playing a handyman at a convent. Anybody else familiar with the Hart to Hart series and knows if any other Columbo actors showed up in it?

Now that I think about it, we all know about the many connections between Columbo and Star Trek and Columbo and The Twilight Zone, but how many conections are there between Columbo and late 70s/80s series like Hart to Hart, Chips, Magnum PI and The Love Boat?

Re: Hart to Hart

I have been watching some of Kung Fu and I have noticed some people who were on Columbo:

Barbara Colby - Mrs. LaSanka ("Murder By The Book)
Pat Morita - house boy ("Etude in Black")
Robert Middleton - Vic Norris (Double Exposure")
Eddie Albert - Maj. Gen. J. Hollister ("Dead Weight")

I'm pretty sure as I continue to watch Kung Fu, I will see others.

I wonder these 70 shows were on the same lot and people just rotated through them. :relaxed:

Re: Hart to Hart

I'm always fond of making lists like that, and coincidentally that includes KUNG FU, so I have a few others.

Sorrell Booke - Sky High I.Q. Murder Case and Swan Song
Will Geer - A Stitch In Crime
G. D. Spradlin - Try And Catch Me
H. B. Haggerty - Make Me a Perfect Murder
Kenneth Tobey - A Case of Immunity
Jason Wingreen - Short Fuse
Dean Jagger - The Most Crucial Game