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Re: Episode Titles

"Murder By The Book" is an appropriate title for the episode. Ken Franklin actually uses his own idea in the Mrs. Melville books to kill Ken Franklin. However, Columbo mentions that the way he killed Lilly La Sanka was sloppy and "Mrs. Melville would be disappointed."

Apple TV has, I believe, the first seven seasons of Columbo. Unedited. I am sure it is the first five seasons. It's nice to have him back.

Re: Episode Titles

So many times over the years Bye Bye Sky High IQ Murder has made me think of Roddy McDowell in the cable car with the cigars over the floor rather than the actual episode. Also I find it difficult to remember which Jack Cassidy author episode is which.

Re: Episode Titles

"A Friend in Deed" is a catchy play on words. Indeed --> "In Deed", as in both friends helped each other with a very dirty "deed".

As already mentioned above, "Negative Reaction", "Suitable for Framing" and "An Exercise in Fatality" are excellent. And don't forget about "Any old Port in a Storm" (port wine play on words).

I never liked the title "Murder Under Glass", never made much sense to me.

Re: Episode Titles

I don't usually watch the later episodes. But the one that I do watch is "Uneasy Lies the Crown". I enjoy that one and it took me awhile to figure out what the title meant but did figure it out.