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Robert Walker

I hate to be the one to start one of these threads, but evidently we've lost Robert Walker Jr. (Neil Cahill of "Mind Over Mayhem").

Re: Robert Walker

Yes, unfortunately true. The son of Robert Walker ("Strangers On A Train") and Jennifer Jones, he was always pretty much typecast because of his overly youthful appearance (he's basically playing a decade younger than he was in "Mind Over Mayhem" which he did at 34). His most famous role was the Star Trek episode "Charlie X".

Re: Robert Walker

One of his most untypical roles (I guess) is in something very famous. In the "commune" part of EASY RIDER, he plays a sort of guru figure making a very small speech.
One of the first things I think of (even though he has the closest thing to a "thankless" role in it) is a very underrated 1967 comedy called THE HAPPENING.
And he got to play the lead role in the comedy ENSIGN PULVER. It's considered a very weak sequel to MISTER ROBERTS, but I've always been fond of it.