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Untypical "Kramer" moment

Bruce Kirby as Kramer was the perfect straight man for Columbo, but there's one moment I've always had a problem with in "A Deadly State Of Mind." It's when he mentions to Columbo what Nadia was "wearing" when she jumped, and then tells him to see for himself. It's almost like he's waiting to spring it on him by phrasing it that way and then telling him to look.
It isn't a big deal, but it's such an untypical moment for him, or just about ANY cop on the show (except maybe Doyle in "A Friend In Deed," who has a pretty crude side).

Re: Untypical "Kramer" moment

The sgt. Kramer character was in 'By Dawn's Early Light' and he seemed like he didn't really want to be there.... he had a couple comments to Columbo that irked me.

"Of course it was loud, the gun did blow up"

" Whats to wrap up, i do this and we're done"